A Lesson In Love

A Lesson in Love

As the closing credits of Sex And The City began to roll indicating the closing of yet another Saturday evening of tv viewing Jess rolled over. The large beanbag rustled as the beans shifted between its two occupants.

Wanting to end the night on a high note Adam followed Jess’ lead and rolled over to his left. He placed his right hand on Jess’ hip and shuffled towards her until their bodies were close but not actually touching. The moving beans helped his cause as they shifted under the weight of their bodies and gently brought them closer together until they were touching.

Moving her shoulder length brown hair with his nose Adam began kissing Jess on the neck. His awkwardly placed left hand gently caressed her hair while his right hand remained still on her hip. His kisses became more passionate as he moved his lips across her neck and towards her ear lobe.

At the same time as his lips met her ear his right hand gently pushed its way past the waist band of her Saturday afternoon comfy track pants.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jess asked innocently.

Barely allowing his lips to break contact with her neck Adam replied, “If you haven’t worked it out I must be doing it wrong.”

Adam’s warm breath flowed across Jess’ neck and sent a shiver down her spine, she had no intentions of stopping, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to control the situation.

Reaching down with her own right hand Jess grasped Adam’s right hand and shifted it under her shirt onto her stomach.

“Kiss me.” she said offering him her neck for a second time.

As Adam did as he was ordered she gently moved his hand over her stomach.

Adam moved his lips across Jess’ neck, he knew the act of kissing and breathing on her neck turned her on, just like he knew that nibbling around her ear made her squirm. As he attempted his first nibble he lifted his hand toward her breast.

“No.” Jess whispered as she pushed Adam’s hand downward.

She kept pushing Adam’s hand under the waist band of her pants, under the waist band of her underwear and over her short and well trimmed public hair. Her clothing provide some restraint and made things tighter but not impossible as she guided his hand where she wanted it.

No words were spoken. Adam continually kissed and nibbled Jess’s neck while Jess moved Adam’s right hand where she wanted it. She opened her legs further and guided his hand downward. She could feel herself getting wetter with every warm breath on her neck.

Holding his hand where she wanted it Jess rolled onto her back. Adam moved his fingers around her wetness, he could hear her moans and knew he was doing something right.

Following Jess’ lead Adam continued to let her guide his hand around her wetness but it wasn’t until she gently pushed two of his fingers inside her that she finally let go of his hand. As Adam began moving his hand and fingers Jess moaned.

“Up, down, in, deeper, faster,” Jess groaned as his fingers explored her.

As Adam nibbled on her neck and fingered her pussy Jess began thrusting her hips against his hand. She thrust hard and she thrust slow and each time Adam slid his finger out of her pussy and gently rubbed his way to her clitoris she moaned loudly.

More than once Adam moved his focus to her clitoris and more than once Jess groaned and begged him to push his fingers back inside her. Each time his fingers dipped back inside her she closed her legs tight clamping his hand between her legs and thrust her hips upward.

The orgasm was one of the most powerful orgasms she’d ever had with Adam, and by far better than she’s had with any other lover.

When she had regained her breath Jess pushed her way out of the bean bag and stood up. Reaching down she offered her hand to Adam and said with a smile.

“No need for carpet burn.”

Adam allowed Jess to pull him to his feet and out of the beanbag.

Still holding his hand Jess led him to the comfort of her bed. Standing at the foot of the bed, her hand in his, she looked Adam directly in the eyes and said.

“So much for saying you’d given up learning.”

“Huh?” Adam said with a glazed looking desperate to take things to the next stage.

“For someone who said they’d stopped Learning new things, you didn’t do bad learning how to get me off with nothing more than a few fingers. In fact you did such a good job, it’s my turn to get you off.”


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