Designed For You

Designed for You

“Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Katie. Happy Birthday to you.” Jaxx sung proudly to his long time girl friend from across the table.

Looking over the five burning candles on her chocolate cake and directly into Jaxx’s blue eyes, Katie smiled.

“Go on blow out your candles babe.” Jaxx replied sweetly.

Taking a single deep breath and leaning forward Katie blew towards the candle flames. Each of the five flames flickered briefly before being extinguished and leaving only five small wisps of rising smoke.

Jaxx clapped three times and let out a cheer before handing Katie a knife and reminding her that if the knife touched the plate she had to kiss the nearest boy.

With a smile on her face Katie grasped the knife in her right hand and slid it into the soft cake. As the smile turned into a large grin Katie pushed the knife downward until she head the clink of metal on china.

“Oops,” she said with a smirk, “guess I better get my kisser ready.”

Not waiting for a response Katie stood from her chair, walked around the table and sat down on Jaxx’s lap. Turning to look into his big blue eyes she wasted no time in locking lips with him.
The kiss was deep, the kiss was hot and the kiss was passionate. As her tongue slid into his waiting mouth she could feel his cock gently bulging beneath his jeans..

When Jaxx finally broke the kiss and pulled his head backwards Katie was more than surprised.

“What’s up babe?” She asked whilst shifting her backside into a more comfortable position for both herself and his bulging member.

Saying nothing Jaxx reached into the left hand pocket of his jacket and pulled out a small blue jewellery box. As he moved his hand between them so she could see what he was holding any thoughts about why he’s broken the kiss fell from Katie’s mind.

“For me?” She asked lovingly.

“Of course.” He said holding the box in his open hand for her to grab.

Excitedly Katie took hold of the small box and opened it. Sitting on a small silk pillow inside the box was a sterling silver necklace with a large silver pendant attached to it. The smile on her face was huge as she looked over the intricately designed pendant.

“Oh it’s beautiful.” Was all Katie could say as she looked over the six centimetre angel dangling from the necklace, she’d already removed from the box.

As the angel swung gently from it’s chain Katie’s eyes were caught by a glimmer from one of the many diamonds in the angel’s wings.

“I had it designed for you, especially for you.” Jaxx started. “It’s sterling silver, there is twenty six diamonds set into the wings and if you look closely I even had the jeweller give the angel a pair of glasses. Just like you. My angel.”

“Oh my god!” Katie gasped before placing her lips on his and kissing him long and hard.

When the kiss was finally broken Katie stood up from Jaxx’s lap, placed the necklace on the table, then reached out with her open hand. As soon as Jaxx grabbed her hand she yanked him up and began walking towards the bedroom.

“Now I’ve got something I designed especially for you.” Katie said as she led him through the bedroom door and swung him onto the bed.



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