What’s That Noise


“You don’t understand me.” Sharon screamed as she stormed through the house.

“What’s to understand? When you’re not sitting in front of that fucking tv you’re drinking coffee and taking shit with your bloody girlfriends.” Tim screamed to an empty room as the bedroom door crashed shut.

Tim knew he’d gone too far. He knew that even with his comments being based partly in truth that Sharon was never going to let him live them down. He also knew that despite Sharon firing the first canon, despite her also saying things in the heat of the moment, he was going to be the one to apologise.

Fighting was a rare occurrence for Sharon and Tim, like most married couples they had disagreements but rarely did they escalate to yelling or storming off. The mention of ‘make up sex’ often comes up in movies and novels when couples fight, but fighting was really such a rare occurrence in the Spitz household such a topic had never come up.

Tim knew there was no point screaming at a closed door and with Sharon choosing the bedroom he decided that he would go out to the garden and cool down. But he only got to sliding door in the dinning room before he changed his mind.

Although their fights were rare, Tim hated walking out at the end of a fight. The few times he’d been so worked up that he did decide to leave the house and walk around the block still sat badly in his mind. The block around their house only took 30 minutes to walk but the feeling that he was abandoning Sharon at a time whilst both of them were so emotional dug at him each time he did it. Not wanting the same thoughts in his head again Tim turned around and made his way back to the lounge.

His intention was to simply sit on the lounge chair and allow both himself and Sharon time to cool down. If she came out of the bedroom first he would go to her, put his arms around her, apologise profusely, tell her he didn’t mean to say what he said, then apologise again and beg for her forgiveness. If he had to go into the bedroom, which wouldn’t happen for at least 15 minutes, the process would be similar, the apology similar, the only difference would be that he’d wait for her invitation before he sat next to her on the bed and put his arm around her.

Sitting in the lounge chair Tim watched the digital clock on the mantle slowly tick away the minutes. At the 10 minute mark Tim started to think about what he would say to Sharon. Sorry was the Obvious starting word but any words that followed had to be considered carefully.

Having apologised to Sharon more than once Tim knew that most of the words which followed sorry were ignored because Sharon had already made up her mind who was wrong…and she was right, but that didn’t make the words less important.

At the 14 minute mark Tim began mentally preparing for the short walk into the bedroom. Then at the 15 minute mark, just as he was pushing himself out of the chair, he heard a noise that stopped him in his tracks. There was an electrical buzzing noise coming from the bedroom, it was quiet but he could definitely hear it.

“What’s that?” He asked himself as he quietly made his way out of the chair and moved towards the closed door.

Stepping up beside the door, careful not to stand directly in front of it and let his feet cast a shadow under the bottom of the door Tim listened carefully. The electrical buzzing noise coming from inside the bedroom was still low, but not as hard to hear from the door as it was from the chair.

It took Tim’s mind less than 30 seconds to start putting things together and just as he was wondering whether his mind was playing tricks on him he heard a low moan come from the other side of the door. Seconds later another moan and more buzzing. Then he heard the noise of someone moving on the bed, then another moan and more buzzing. The next thing he heard was Sharon inhale deeply and loudly followed by a similar sounding exhale and he instantly felt a stirring inside his pants.

“Holy shit, she’s gone from full on scream at me mode to fuck herself silly and scream at the Rabbit mode.” Tim thought as he stood at the door with his mind picturing his wife laying on the bed playing with the vibrator she’d recently bought to enhance their sex life.

Multiple thoughts went through his mind, should he ignore what was going on and leave Sharon to herself? Should he waltz in there as if by accident and catch her in the act? Should he just walk in as if the last hour hadn’t happened and offer to help her get off? None of the ideas seemed right, but they also didn’t seem wrong.

With his hard on pushing against the fabric of his trackpants and making a sizeable tent out of them Tim decided he was going in. What he would say once in there was undecided, but there was no way he wasn’t going to get in there and in his mind make up for the last hour.

Grabbing the door handle he twisted it clockwise and swung the door open. The door wasn’t even half way through it’s arc when he stepped into the room and looked directly at the bed. To say he was surprised was an understatement.

In the centre of the bed sat a fully clothed Sharon, a huge grin on her face and his battery razor in her hand, running at full speed.



  1. This actually had me laughing to myself. I’ll tell you that knowing someone knows you so well and knows exactly how to push buttons and get results is so much sexier. That smugness and confidence of knowing at the end was instantly so appealing and attractive.

    Liked by 1 person

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