Ask And You Shall Receive

Designed for me

So there I was happily blogging away on WordPress, probably writing another Not Suitable For Work (NSFW) 🙂 story when an alert came up on my screen telling me that another blogger had linked to my website.

Now I haven’t been around blogging long, a few weeks tops, I have had a people like my writing, I’ve had people follow my blog and I’ve even had someone ask if they could reblog one of my posts. (Although I might have stuffed up the reply on that one and they saw the unedited reply were I forgot to say YES!). But WOW another blogger liked me enough to link to my site? I was stoked, (unlike some of my characters who get stroked), however it got even better than that.

Not only did Devil Doll Musings link to me but she designed something just for me. That’s right after a simple request in a comment on Devil Doll’s website, where I asked if she could make me a tanned blonde man I got my request.

I was beyond stoked, I was flabbergasted. I had gotten my own tall, tanned, blonde man with abs and a resemblance to some bloke named Hemsworth, I assumed it wasn’t folk musician Wade Hemsworth.

I can’t reach out and grab those ripped abs, I can’t squeeze those muscled thighs and he could be a little too NSFW to be let loose in some places but seriously that’s far from a turn off. Apparently my new man does not come across as an Expert, hasn’t got a name and he does wear a dress but seriously we can’t have perfection in everything.

My thanks goes out to Devil Doll Musings, please let me know when I can pick up the man designed just for me. 🙂



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