The Cheat NSFW

Continues on from the Miniature Drummer.

“Stand up.” Sophie whispered quietly in Axel’s ear.

They both stood up together, carefully avoiding the wall mounted taps and steadying each other so as not to slip on the wet shower base. Once steady on their feet and looking directly into each others eyes Sophie then turned the water off.

“Oh what about my miniature drummer?” Axel asked in a slightly dejected tone.

Sophie reached behind Axel with her left hand and pushed the shower door open. “Not here, I’ve had enough water for the time being.”

Axel stepped backwards out of the shower. With her left hand gently pushing him backwards Sophie followed until she pushed him up against the vanity unit. Thoughts of the miniature drummer out of her mind and knowing exactly what Axel wanted she immediately crouched down on her knees and opened her mouth.

As her lips slowly slid up and down his thick shaft she rubbed his balls with her right hand, she could taste the pre cum dribbling out the tip of his cock. Axel let out a quiet moan of pleasure, followed by a loud exclamation. “What the fuck was that?”

It was a reaction to the noise which came through the roof space and into the bathroom via the exhaust fan vent.

“Holy shit,” Sophie said, “It’s my husband.”

“What? You married? You’re a Cheat?”

“Oops, did I forget to mention that?”

“Oops?” Axel said as he looked for his clothes which were strewn across the bedroom floor. “All you can say is oops I forget to mention I was fucking married sometime in the 9 months we’ve been dating.”

“Dating? We haven’t been dating, we’ve been fucking.”

With what he hoped was all his clothes in his hands and the sound of the door from the garage opening and closing Axel asked in a frantic whisper. “What the fuck am I going to do?”

Almost as if she’d been in the situation before Sophie carelessly shoved Axel into the walk in robe. “Get in there and cover yourself with the doona, you can leave when he’s asleep. It wont be long.

Stumbling into the robe Axel said nothing, he just fell to the floor as quietly as he could and threw the large doona over himself. Seconds later as he lay under the doona still naked, cock dribbling saliva and pre-cum onto the carpet he began to hear a conversation.

“Hi babe, you’re home late.” he heard Sophie say sweetly to her husband.

With little other choice Axel lay on the floor and listened to Sophie and her husband, Barry, talk for nearly 10 minutes before he heard another familiar sound and realised that Sophie and Barry were doing the one thing he’d hoped he’d be finishing the night with.

Axel couldn’t help being excited as he lay under the doona listening to Sophie and Barry have sex. He also couldn’t believe just how long the act as going for but it wasn’t until he unconsciously began stroking himself that he decided to risk taking a peak. Before he knew it he was kneeling in the open doorway of the robe watching Barry as he held Sophie legs up against his chest and rammed himself inside her.

“Fuck me harder. Fuck me slower.” Sophie screamed as Barry pounded away at her

Then almost as quick as it started Barry moaned once and flopped onto the bed. Axel quickly darted back into the robe and under the doona, his swollen cock rubbing on the carpet as he shuffled his way into hiding.

Unfulfilled again Axel lay under the doona scared to move. He listened hard in the hope he could pick up what was going on but he could hear nothing. Within several minutes he could hear snoring. Not sure what else to do he pushed himself into a more comfortable position under the doona and just laid still.

By the time he’d counted to 50 he felt the doona at his feet rustling, less than 2 seconds later he felt Sophie’s lips once again around his cock. For the next few minutes he tried his hardest not to make any noises and Sophie sucked, licked and rubbed him to orgasm.

Once he’d blown his load in her mouth Sophie slithered her way up his naked body until they were face to face where she began kissing him hard, hot and with a mouthful of his own cum. The kiss lasted for nearly a full minute before Sophie broke.

Wiping her mouth she whispered, “Same time next week?”


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