Good Morning

As Rod (yes that is his real name) nudged up beside me I felt his stiff cock rub against my silk panties. As much as my pink two piece lingerie set is a sexy little number I didn’t wear it to bed last night in the hope of being woken up with a morning glory. But that’s exactly what was rubbing my thigh.

I lay still for a few seconds to see what would happen next.

A rough calloused hand slid its way up my stomach. I could feel his skin gently catching on the pink silk material of my camisole as it edged closer to my right breast.

I lay motionless waiting to see where this was going.

As his hand slipped under my right breast and cupped it gently he moved his hips slightly closer to mine. His cock, had it gotten harder?, twitched against my hip, I could tell he’d been thinking about this game longer than I had.

I felt the blanket covering my legs lift upwards only seconds before the instep of his right foot touched my shin. His foot stroked slowly between my ankle and my knee.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to remain still and quiet much longer.

Through the silky fabric of my cami he gently pinched my left nipple. I tried not to let out any noise, not even an audible breath. It took all my strength and will power not to encourage him on..

However when he craned his neck and pushed those soft sensuous lips towards my neck I knew all that strength, all that will power was going to be useless. There was no way I was going to be able to remain quiet when those lips connected with my waiting neck.

“And what do you think you’re up too?” I asked quietly trying not to gasp as I did so..

With a slight pant and a whisper he lifted his lips from my neck and replied. “If you don’t know I am obviously doing it wrong.”

“Well I suggest you keep practising.”

I felt his breath before I felt those lips start kissing me. The softness of his lips against my neck only surpassed by the slithery feeling of his tongue as it made small wet circles below my ear.

‘Damn he knows how to make me wet.’ I thought the more he kissed my neck. But it wasn’t until he began nibbling on my ear that my breathing really began to increase.

His hand slid underneath the waistband on my panties. His finger slid their way through my neatly trimmed pubic hair making small circles as he went. My breathing was rapidly turning into panting and when those rough fingers touched my clit I moaned loudly letting him know he was in the right area.

His fingers kept rubbing my clit as I pushed my right hand between our bodies. I wanted to grab his cock, I wanted to hold it in my hand and rub its length and I knew he wanted me too. I pushed my hand forward until I could feel the head of his cock touching my finger tips. I flicked my nails across the head of his cock gently then began circling them around the tip.

We moaned in unison.

Stretching my fingers downward I wrapped them around the thick shaft. Allowing me room he moved his hips slightly away from my body. I began moving my hand slowly up and down, sliding the full length his shaft. With every stroke of his cock I felt his breath exhale against my neck. Every second stroke downward I pushed my finger tips onto his balls before slowly dragging then back along the same path to the tip. After several strokes I could feel his warm wet pre-cum dribbling onto my fingers. I desperately wanted to taste it but I knew the game.

I let the pre-cum slip between my fingers and his shaft lubricating the now increasing movements of my hand. I continued rubbing up and down the full length, not ignoring one inch of his throbbing hard on. At the same time as my fingers were working their magic his fingers were exploring my pussy lips. Up, down, rub, circle, rub, up, down.

I’d taught him well over the years and he knew not to enter me until I begged him too. Instead he teased the entrance to my cunt with the very tip of his middle finger before sliding it back up through my wet lips and again circling my swollen clit. It was almost like he was on repeat as he stoked my wet pussy

While he kissed and nibbled my neck we rubbed and fingered each other to the brink of orgasm until I could take it no more.

“Fuck Me Now!” I moaned as I let go of his dick.

Obeying my order he threw the blanket back and climbed over the top of me. I didn’t even try to remove my sopping wet panties, I just waited for Rod to move over the top of me at which time I grabbed his cock, pushed the wet crotch of my panties out of the way and guided him inside me.

The only downside of such great foreplay that I know of is that time between entry and explosion are not as long as they could be but it’s only a very minor downside.

With a new position came a new focus for his kissing and he changed to the right hand side of my neck which for some reason has always been more sensitive than my left. As he kissed, nibbled and licked. He also thrust and slid that wonderful throbbing cock inside my hot wet cunt. Every time our groins touched it felt like a shock wave riding up through my body.

The moans were loud, we are lucky we live alone, and before I knew it I had my legs wrapped around his waist meeting his every thrust. I tried not to claw at his back with my nails but I can not be held responsible for my actions when I reach orgasm…and he doesn’t seem to mind.

We were cumming together in a matter of seconds, his hot white spunk pulsating its electric path inside me. At the same time my pussy muscles contracted and twitched their way to ecstasy almost as if they were sucking him in and holding him there.

We continued thrusting and fucking until we were both out of breath and he was unable to hold himself up on his trembling arms. He collapsed on top me out of breath and completely ‘fucked’ but I didn’t mind.

We lay there in orgasmic pleasure for nearly 10 minutes just holding each other and enjoying each others warmth until…..he turned his head and started breathing on my neck.

Round 2…….

“Don’t start something you can’s finish sunshine.”

“Who says I can’t finish it? I might have been practising while you have been in the shower.”

I hoped he was lying since he was usually at work when I showered. He is a tip truck driver in the mines and works FIFO with a group of 8 other men.

“Statement still stands, don’t start what you can’t finish.”
No sooner had I finished the statement than he was moving downward and before I could object (like I was going to) he was kneeling between my spread legs. His hands gripped the waist band of my pink panties and began sliding them down my legs.

I then lifted my legs up in front of his face so he could rid me completely of those sopping wet panties. With the panties gone I spread my legs and dropped them down either side of his body. From the second my panties were sliding his eyes did not move from my snatch.

As soon as my ankles hit the bed his head was between my legs. Just like before he started at the top, sucking and licking my clit, focusing on nothing else for nearly a full minute. Again he knew the rules and knew not to enter me until he was begged to do so.

Grabbing him by the hair I guided his head where I wanted it. He licked, sucked and nibbled my moist pussy lips as I pushed his head down, then lifted it up, then pushed it down, then lifted it up. My moans were loud, my breath was rapid and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer if he kept licking.

Lifting his head I looked him in the eye and said, “On your back.”

He obeyed without hesitation and as soon as he was laying on his back I was positioning my body over the top of his, knees either side of his head and open mouth above his once again rock hard cock.

No invitations necessary we both started licking and sucking each other. His tongue once again tracing a path between my wet lips. My tongue slowly sliding up and down his thick glorious shaft.

As he gently sucked my wet pussy I squeezed the base of his cock, slid my hand upwards and licked the very tip. Knowing he wanted nothing more than to feel my lips wrapped around his hard dick I teased him more with my tongue.

Like two finely tuned machines working together we knew exactly what each other wanted and knew exactly how to find it. His small nibbles on and around my clit were driving my wild.

I could feel his cock throbbing in my hand and when the pre-cum once again glistened on the tip I knew he was close to coming for the second time. I licked the precious liquid flicking my tongue across the head of his dick knowing it would drive him insane.

Both of us were so close to exploding but neither wanted to get their first but it didn’t matter we’d both gone too far to stop.

Almost as soon as his tongue penetrated my cunt for the first time I exploded, my body rocked, my body shuddered and had the head of his cock not been in my mouth I know I’d have screamed.

At the same time as his tongue pushed its way inside me I gripped his dick tighter and pumped up and down his pulsating shaft. My lips were tight around the head of his cock waiting in anticipation for what was to come.

Two more rhythmic strokes of that glorious shaft and he was shooting his hot milky white cum into my mouth. The first shot hit the back of my mouth like a bullet, the second barely loosing any momentum. As the third spurt shot its way into my waiting mouth I pushed my lips downward sucked hard and slid his throbbing cock in until I could feel it touch the back of my mouth.

We both sucked and nibbled each other while our dual orgasms rocked the bed, rocked each other and left us both out of breath.

Good Morning Glory.


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