Rod lay next to me gently breathing on my neck, he knew such actions sent a Shiver down my spine. He also knew that doing it during sex turned that shiver into a jolt of electricity.

He took my silence, and our nakedness as an invitation to continue what he was doing. Breath from his lips blew gently against my neck, the breath from his nostrils felt faster, felt harder, felt warmer.

As his sensuous lips gently grazed my neck, I felt that familiar shiver as it started at the top of my spine and ran down it’s entire length. I let out an audible breath.

“Not enough dinner, you now want to cannibalise me?” I said through exhaling breath.

“Baby when you’re on the menu I’ll always choose to eat in!”

Every escaping breath floated down passed my neck, turning me on even more and sending me down a path I knew I could not return from if I wanted to. I craned my neck to offer him more unrestricted skin to kiss.

The kissing quickly turned to licking, the nibbling quickly turned to nibbling and my exhaled breaths quickly turned to moans. Whatever Rod was doing he was doing right and for the first time in ages I risked reaching orgasm long before he finished on my neck.

Taking charge I pushed him onto his back and wrapped my left hand around his long, thick, rigid cock. In a single swift movement I held his cock upright, threw my leg over him and guided his massive dick in the direction of my hot wet snatch.

With just the head inside me I released my grip, pulled my hand way and slid myself down his waiting shaft. I could hear him moan as he adjusted to my weight on top of him and felt his stiff cock slide inside me.

“Fuck me!” he groaned.

“That’s what I plan to do.” I replied without hesitation.

I started off gently sliding up and down his glorious cock, feeling every inch as it moved inside me. I started slowly before picking up the pace and riding him like a bucking bronco. We both moaned in unison.

I then leaned back, put my hand behind me and reached down to grab his balls, it was a slightly awkward manoeuvre, but one I knew he loved second only to sliding a finger up his arse moments before he came.

Leaning back also gave him unrestricted access to my clit and at almost the same instant as my fingernails gently scratched his balls his thumb and finger began circling my swollen clit.

Our moans turned to screams and we humped I rode up and down on his throbbing dick as he shoved that glorious dick inside me meeting everyone of my thrusts.

Any plans I had of making it a long drawn out procedure were gone the second I straddled him, taking that dick inside me. I was lost, I almost swear I was in another world and by the moans coming from below me so was Rod.

The explosion was violent, his hot cum spurting inside my, my pussy, twitching, writhing and contracting with every thrust. As I rode him for all I was worth, milking that lovely stiff dick our breathing was loud, our breathing was fast and out breathing was laboured.

I eventually collapsed on him, dick still inside me and our two sweaty bodies almost glued together.
“Happy Birthday baby!”



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