Another go, although with the broken prompt it might not be worth it.

Walking along the Sidewalk I tried to ignore the dark and gloomy clouds which had been threatening rain since I left the house. I even tried to ignore the swirling wind throwing debris into the back of my bare legs but the thought of wearing jeans instead of my work skirt made that difficult.

I was sure the weather report I’d read earlier in the day said it was going to be a sunny afternoon, had it said anything about dark and gloomy clouds I’d have definitely made alternative plans of travel, or called in sick.

Hoping the weather would clear up for my walk home at 11pm I was in a little world of my own when a black cat ran in front of me, so close I felt it’s tail flick my bare left shin.

“Crazy cat.” I thought not being a superstitious person.

I stopped and watched the cat dart into the vacant lot beside me. Into the long grass and out of sight in seconds. Had it not been for the slight rustle of the grass tips I’d have not even known the cat existed.

It was then, only while I was stopped that I discovered something slightly unnerving.

Just like a down trodden brooding cartoon character the dark gloomy clouds, the threatening rain and the blowing wind was concentrated only over my head.

“That’s not right!” I thought.

It was at that moment I turned to my left, farted, (sorry but it happens when I get scared), and saw two eyes looking at me through the long grass.

“They’re way to large to be the cat I just saw.” I thought.

That thought was followed by, “Do I run home? Do I run to work? Do I run to a church? Or do I stand still and stare at those eyes while a dark and gloomy cloud hangs impossibly over my head.”


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