Cake Mix

It was only a simple packet mix Cake from Coles, add the eggs, add the water, add some melted butter mix together in a bowl, pour mixture into a cake dish and cook for 45 minutes then like magic a vanilla cake appears.

So I did all that and was happily surprised when a reasonable looking yellowish cake came out of that hot box in the wall. Because it was a cheap cake I had to make my own frosting, so I waited an hour or so before I started mixing the ingredients. In no time at all I had a wonderfully creamy, wonderfully thick gloopy mess of sugary goodness. Wasting no time I generously slathered the white sticky layer across the cake. For a cheap cake it really did look edible, so I slid it on a paper plate and left it sitting on the bench.

2 hours later I was standing at the bench listening to my husband pull his car into the garage. Walking over to the door that joined our garage and house with the cake proudly on display in my right palm I waited for him to come inside. Several seconds later I noticed the door handle turn and the door slowly swing open.

“Hi Honey, I’m…”

Thwack! I swung the cake forward aiming for his face and hitting my exact target. The soft layer of frosting splattered across his face, the cake crumbled around his cheeks and the plate squashed it all together into a nice sticky mess.

“Happy birthday, “ I said as I walked away.

It was only a simple packet mix but there was no way I was wasting this one on hubby’s birthday.





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