The plopping tap

“Hey,wake up,” I shoved hubby in the back, not only to wake him from his snoring but to tell him something important. “There is a
Plopping noise coming from some where in the house.”

“Uh? It’s probably just a tap, turn it off if it worries you so much.”

“I thought maybe you’d want to be my knight in shinning armour and rush off and do it yourself to save me getting out of a warm bed.”

“But that would mean I have to get out of the warm bed. Besides, you heard it first and I was happily asleep only a few moments ago.”

“Now you’re awake and have the chance to rush off and do something nice for your beloved wife.”

“My beloved wife just woke me up to tell me a tap was dripping.”

Obviously hubby wanted to get back to sleep and his want to remain under the warm doona on such a cold and frosty night over rode any other possibilities. However just when I thought I was going to have to get up and do it myself I felt the bed move slightly on hubby’s side.

Reaching forward hubby grabbed his iPhone from the dock beside the bed, swiped it into action and tapped the screen a few times. Although the phone was to his ear I could hear the dial tone indicating he was ringing someone. Moments later from somewhere down the other end of the house I heard another phone start ringing faintly.

For a second I thought, “dammit the bugger’s rung my phone expecting me to rush out of bed to get it, meaning I’d be up to turn the tap off.” But then the ringing stopped and I heard a familiar, but tired, voice on the other end.

“Aahh, yeah dad what it is?”

“Get up and turn the kitchen taps of for me please.”

There was a muffled voice on the other end I couldn’t make out then hubby spoke again.

“Yes now, you’re mother can’t sleep. Goodnight.”

Even before the plopping sound had stopped there was snoring coming from beside me.



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