I have had a week of reflection.
I have had a week of distraction.
I have still been writing, but it’s been personal writing
Not personal as in my NSFW stuff more a case of NSF Blogging.

What I have discovered is that I was once a fragile person, waiting to be broken.
I wasn’t sitting around just waiting for someone to break me.
In fact I didn’t even know I was broken until it was way too late.
And until I’d broken so many things around me that even the world’s best repairman couldn’t fix.

So what have I learnt in more than a decade of broken pieces?
I’ve learned that it’s hard to sweep up so many broken pieces.
I’ve also leaned that for the best chance of repair one should act early, not wait until the dust settles.
Because by the time the dust has settled it’s harder to make the repair glue set.


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