Fragile a poem (sort of)

I am fragile, like a piece of glass.
Yet you forever treat me like an ass?
You just want to watch me break
You never give, just take
I offered you my heart
You tore it apart
You treat me like a mole
And ripped out my soul
Maybe I should let you go
Maybe you need it to grow
Any maybe I’ve spoiled you for too darn long
Yet another thing I’ve done wrong.
Did I love you too much?
You act allergic to my touch
You seem repulsed by voice
Like you have no choice
But to listen to me talk
Until you decide to walk
While to you it might seem strange
For me there is no change.
I wont give up loving you
No matter what it is you do
What I gave you was life
Yet all I feel in my back is your knife.
My love for you will never wane
Even if all you give me is pain.
You are my little girl
And you’ll always be my pearl.



  1. I had one mole removed. It seemed kind of pointless, I have so many moles I feel like I would have skin cancer by now if that’s how it’s gonna end for me, but I guess the scar isn’t much different than the mole. …That mole line really caught my attention.


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