I am Passionate

Am I Passionate? Of course I am
Whether they want me to be or not I am passionate about my kids.
I want nothing more than to be there for them, to support them and to love them
They want nothing, literally nothing from me.
I want to be passionate about my husband
But after 10 years of him wanting suddenly his want has dwindled and mine has exploded.
I want to be passionate about a job, any job.
But who wants to hire an old woman with skills that a younger better looking woman has
I’m slowly learning to be passionate about life again.
Even trying to repair things to get back to the life I once had.
I am even learning to be less passionate about keeping things locked inside my head
The kind of things that need to be shared, the kind of things that break those around me
If only I was less passionate about myself and more passionate about those around me 10 years ago I might not be having to make so many repairs today.

*Note: The above is a work of fiction, my life really isn’t that bad.



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