Passionate poetry

Ok so this probably isn’t to a standard of others poetry on WordPress but I gave it a go. 🙂 Here’s my response to Passionate.

Your rough calloused hand caress my breast,
I couldn’t help but wonder ‘what is your quest?’
Your passionate kiss pressed against my lips,
I could feel a yearning just near my hips.

Your hot wet tongue, covered in spit,
How I wished it was, caressing my clit.
But there would be time for that later,
When the sensation is greater.
When you have shot your load and filled me with cum
And my entire body is nothing but numb.

“Fuck me” I said.
As I dragged him to bed.
My pussy is aching.
My body is shaking.
I want you inside me.
Fucking me slowly.
Fucking me fast.
Until our orgasms have past.

I’m then going to grab your hair,
Shove your head down there.
Lick me till I scream,
You can be my dirtiest dream.
Push your tongue in deep,
And make me weep
Don’t stop till I groan
Or at very least moan.

With our juices on your tongue,
And tensions so highly strung.
I just want to kiss
And then lie there in bliss.


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