Pretend 2

Ever had one of those out of body experiences?
The sort where you are watching yourself as a third person in the room?
I did.
I was sitting in the arm chair beside the bedroom window watching my boyfriend and I have sex.
It was like watching a porn movie, one which I knew the stars.
The sex was hot and the sex was passionate
Even whilst having my out of body experience I could feel my pussy getting wet as I became more turned on.
Having never had an out of body experience I didn’t know if such feelings were normal or not, but I wasn’t unhappy about the feelings.
I kept watching as my boyfriend thrust hard and fast, before slowing the pace down and driving his hard dick inside me slowly and deep.
The sex went on for longer than I ever remembered it going on for.
The sensation between my legs was increasing.
The urge to rub my pussy was increasing, as my mind wrestled with whether fingering yourself during an out of body experience was normal.
Next thing I knew he was rolling over onto his back, dragging me along with him.
As I climbed onto his rigid cock and slid down it’s length I realised three things.
Firstly, I was actually hiding in our walk in robe and not watching from a chair near the window, we didn’t even have a chair near the window.
Secondly, I was not having a out of body experience, I was actually watching my boyfriend fuck a girl who was a dead ringer for me.
Where he found her who knows but the third thing I realised was I now had to Pretend I was ok with it because I was the one who drove him away. I was so hell bent on blaming him for everything I even told him to find another woman and fuck her till his heart was content.
How was I suppose to know he’d do it?


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