I Pretend to be asleep
It’s early in the morning, my eyes don’t yet want to open.
I feel his hand gently caress my back through my silk nightie
It’s too early to be awake, but is it too early to be aroused?
Our clocks just never seem to match for he’s an early riser, too tired in the evening and I’m a night owl, too busy snoring when he wakes.
His hand is tracing gentle lines up and down my spine.
Upwards slowly, circle around and downward just a slowly, then repeat.
There is a tingling in my body and it’s moving down
My stupid brain suddenly starts thinking of the last time he tried this move.
1:30am on a Wednesday morning, he was half awake, I was wanting to sleep
We hadn’t had sex in months because we were both to stubborn to change our routines
The resulting act was so lack lustre for both of us we both just rolled over and ignored each other when it was over.
But that was then, this is now.
It was still too early for me, but could this time be different? Could I forego a little sleep to try and make this one count?
His fingers were touching me so softly through the silk of my nightie it was more like an electric sensation than a touch.
I felt him move closer. I wasn’t going to pull away, but I was still unsure if I’d let him continue.
His hand slowly slipped from my back to my hip as his body edged closer to me.
I felt his bare chest touch my back as his hand slid over my pubes and towards my clit.
When his lips touched the back of my neck I knew I was going to give in.
He knew kissing my neck turned me on and as his fingers began to rub my clit I decided I had to give him another go no matter how early it was.
I opened my legs slightly allowing his fingers to work their way along my pussy
His kiss and his touch were making me wet
I could feel his hard dick pushing into my back and moved against it but resisted to grab it.
He kissed my neck, nibbled my ear lobe and breathed his warm morning breath against my skin, even without his fingers circling my pussy I’d have been turned on.
Despite previous lack lustre performances there was no denying he knew how to turn me on, knew exactly what I wanted when it came to making love.
For more minutes than I cared to count he concentrated only on my moist hot pussy lips and clit.
he circled the entrance to my pussy but never slipped his finger inside knowing that a long build up to penetration whilst kissing and nibbling my neck would excite me more than penetration alone would.
Had I forgotten how he could please me or were a few poor attempts clouding my judgement all this time?
I rolled onto my back, no longer pretending to be asleep, no longer worried about the hour of the day, only interested in removing the cloud that was inside my mind.
Spreading my legs wider he rolled gently against me so that our lips were close enough to kiss.
His fingers still rubbed, as his lips touched mine and his tongue moved into my mouth.
We kissed passionately, deeply, a kiss we hadn’t shared in months.
As he broke the kiss and moved his lips towards my neck I reached down, grabbed his hand and pushed it into my crotch.
“Inside me, now.” was all I could manage.
Obeying me he pushed two fingers inside my pussy.
As his two fingers worked inside me his thumb rubbed my swollen clit
We kissed, he nibbled my neck and he fingered me for what seemed like forever.
I could feel his rock hard cock rubbing my leg as he gently moved his hips against me keeping himself aroused.
I reached down gently wrapped my hand around his stiff member.
As he fingered my pussy and rubbed my clit I slid my hand up and down his rigid shaft.
Both our hands were wet with each others excitement, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and with the way his dick was twitching in my wet fingers I knew he wasn’t either.
“Fuck me now!” I said through breathless gasps.
I thought I was lost before he climbed on top of me but it was nothing compared to the feeling as that rock hard twitching dick parted my lips and slid inside.
We writhed together, we thrust together, we moaned together and although it was over in less time than the foreplay took there was no complaints.
As we lay together embraced in each others warmth I mentally bashed my head to and fro for clouding my judgement and not allowing me to remember the good times. I also vowed to wake up before he left for work tomorrow, but this time there would be no pretending, I would take the lead, I would wake him in a similar way to the way he woke me.


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