I have a lot of unfinished things in my life

Unfinished arguments, although I must admit many of those were probably unfinished because I refused to let them continue after I said my peace. (although a lot of the time it probably wasn’t peaceful)

Unfinished housework, no matter what state I leave it in (which is usually unstarted) it never gets finished by anyone.

Unfinished dishes, suppose I’ll do them tonight.

Unfinished conversations, many of these are with myself. There’s a saying something about I talk to myself because it’s the only decent conversation I get. Apparently that’s not always true. 🙂

Unfinished career, but at 53 and a pile of baggage that employers aren’t suppose to take into consideration that’s one unfinished that looks unlikely to be finished.

Unfinished orgasms, 🙂 There’s a few of these I think my ex husband owes me so if anyone sees him please tell him I’m waiting for him.

However there is a few things I am finished with.

Being such a self centred bitch. I’ve come to the realisation, all be it, too late that there are other people that I share this world with and treating them like shit does nothing for me or them.

Bullshit from others whose only goal to upset me. They don’t know the full story, they don’t care about me so while they can piss on me from their ivory towers I brought a new umbrella and proudly show them my middle finger.

I’ve also stopped fighting with people in favour of fighting for people, although some of those people don’t want me to fight for them I wont give up like I did 10 years ago, I’ll fight to the end for them.

So there you go, my take on Unfinished, hands up who thought I’d take the naughty road? 🙂


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