I Disagree with a lot of people and things.

The arrogant young desk jockey at Centerlink who thinks a 53 year old with no qualifications and no work history for more than 12 years has ample options when it comes to getting a job.
The system that the arrogant young desk jockey works for that says I don’t get paid because it doesn’t believe I’ve been looking for work.
The plumber who charged me $450 for fixing a pipe
The bloody landlord who refused to pay for it because he’s not responsible for stuff my daughter does when she cracks the shits at me.
My daughter for cracking the shits with me
The bitch who set up a facebook account full of shit about me just like a pissed off teenager would do.
The woman who stopped talking to me because she asked for my honest opinion and couldn’t handle the honest part.
But most of all I disagree with myself for spending so many years disagreeing with everyone else and not accepting that those I loved deserved to have an opinion too. Had I realised that a long time ago my life wouldn’t have so many disagreements in it now


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