The value of a stranger

The stranger lay on top of me, thrusting his hips toward me, ramming his rock hard cock further into me with every pump. He kissed me rough, he kissed me hard and let his tongue circle it’s way around my mouth.

I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his waist and with every inward thrust I used my legs to drag him inside me harder. I moaned into his mouth with pleasure and put my arms around his neck. I held him tightly in my embrace while he fucked me.

“Roll over!” I panted as I gave him a gentle shove.

On his back I placed one leg either side of his and slowly lowered myself down, sliding down his entire length, feeling every throbbing centimetre slip inside me. I immediately went down and began kissing him again, I wanted to taste that tongue as I rode him to ecstasy. But he had different ideas.

Sliding his feet towards him he raised his knees, lifted his arse and pushed upward. At the same time his rough callused hands grabbed each cheek of my arse and pushed down with every upward ram.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, I just hoped he wouldn’t either.

“Cum with me I moaned.”

Together we exploded, together we writhed and together we came.

And hour later I woke up alone and there was a crisp green $100 note on the bedside table.

Guess I know what my Value is! 🙂


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