Wow, It’s been a while.

Wow! It’s been over two months since I posted anything. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Sorry to my regular readers and sorry to those I follow. I caught up on a few reads in the last week or so but no where near all of them.

Thanks to the few people who emailed me too see if I was ok in my absence, was a nice gesture and I think I got back to you.

So what’s been happening?

The usual, work sucks, daughter still wanting to make my life hard, ex-husband still trying to calm daughter down before she turns into her mother, the usual trials and tribulations that are my life.

However there is one thing that has changed and it’s the reason for all my time being taken up. I joined a writers group, its full of REAL people! My last experience with one was not very good, it turned out to be more of a gossip and hate club than anything else and it pretty much imploded in on itself. Therefore I was hesitant to join another group but this group is great!

We talk about anything, we write about anything, we share anything (although that’s not compulsory) and we actually all get along with each other. I hope it lasts.

I don’t know that the group has made me a better writer, we are all just amateurs after all, but better is not necessarily the point. None of us want to be published authors and we aren’t doing this for anything more than fun. We all come from different backgrounds and we all write about different stuff. When we do group exercises some of the stuff that comes out is hilariously funny and dirty.

I don’t think I’ll be publishing the stuff we do in group on WP, it’s not against any rules but I know two of the members have WP accounts and they don’t do it so I probably wouldn’t either, but I might get back to writing for WP at some stage.



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